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No white man can beat Obamalot

Bad as he is, and Barry-the-president (an adolescent who doesn’t do his homework) is baaad, no old white male Republican is going to beat him out of a second term. That’s my belief. And Shelby Steele deftly explains why:

“….anyone who runs against Mr. Obama will be seen through the filter of this racial impressionism, in which white skin is redundant and dark skin is fresh and exceptional. This is the new cultural charisma that the president has introduced into American politics.”

Steele thinks running against political correctness might do it. I don’t agree. I think the ONLY way to beat Barry, is for the GOP to nominate a woman.

So far, only Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann seem ready to run. Although whether either will is questionable. Condoleezza Rice could work but she doesn’t seem to want it. But it better be one of them because no white man has a chance. And four more years of our affirmative-action president could be devastating.

Goodbye 401K


 As Shelby Steele has said, no white man could have been elected president on a promise to raise taxes and reintroduce "Great Society" welfare, but white guilt apparently worked to elect a half-black man who was doing it. Job creators, however, still are having trouble with it. They’ve been signaling their distress since late September when Intrade’s bettors began foreseeing Barry’s election.

Barry’s dilemma

I see it now, having finished Steele’s A Bound Man. Barry could not disown Rev. God damn America without losing his black constituency, much of which thrives on confronting whites. But if he didn’t, he risked losing his white constituency, which wanted his non-confrontational persona. He made his choice, to stick with Wright, and now sees his white constituency diminishing. Not, perhaps, in his battle with Hilarity, with whom Rasmussen showed him six points ahead on Saturday–though the proof awaits the Pennsylvania primary. But in the five points Rasmussen had him Saturday behind John McCain.

Talking with a Democrat who attended Saturday’s state Democrat convention in Austin, one image stood out. That of the eight thousand plus attendees, all committed to Barry, doing the wave, like pilgrims at a new Woodstock. My friend was thrilled. I didn’t say anything. I kept thinking how little it means in Texas, which McCain can count on. As I think it will not mean much in the rest of the country, especially now that this previously non-confrontational South Chicago radical has crippled his own easy-going aura by clinging to a race-baiting preacher.

A Bound Man

My copy of Shelby Steele’s book on Barry came last night via UPS while we were watching the Longhorns drub Stanford, 82 to 62. I haven’t finished it yet (it’s short), but I see that Barry already is practicing what Steele says will be his downfall (I cheated and read the last few pages): he is not a man of policy convictions honed by experience (like McCain and even Hilarity) but an empty suit trying to be everyone’s Magic Negro. Steele maintains that it will not work. I think we know, on the other hand, from Barry’s autobiography and twenty years with Rev. God damn America that deep down he wants to be a big-government, high-taxing Leftist, and if he wants to have any chance at all he’d for damn sure better keep that as quiet as possible. Newermind his race, America has never elected one of those president, either.