Rick Perry, jet jockey

Rick may have wound up flying turboprop C-130s, but, like all Air Force student pilots, he first flew the T-38 Talon, a twin-engine, supersonic jet trainer. Looks pretty good, eh?

Just one more reason why the Dumbocrats, populated as they are by old draft-dodgers and modern military shirkers, are doing everything they can to smear Rick as too stupid, too religious, too whatever, to take over from Obamalot.

Even the Republican elite prefers Romney. Stupid, stupid.

Speaking of smears, the champagne socialists of the Guardian have dipped into the high-crime southeast Austin suburb of Dove Springs to reveal “the dark underbelly” of Perry’s alleged Texas economic miracle.

Largely illegal Hispanic (dark, get it?) Dove Springs’s poverty isn’t unusual in the USA (or anywhere else, for that matter), but an enduring problem neither socialists or capitalists have been able to solve, and raising taxes for more welfare (the Dumbocrat solution that bankrupted California) isn’t likely to.

0 responses to “Rick Perry, jet jockey

  1. Hm… I may really become a fan of this guy yet…

  2. I don’t entirely trust him. He’s a pol, after all. But I prefer him to the other candidates so far.