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Punch back twice as hard


“I will explore every legal avenue to expedite this matter and bring it to a swift conclusion,” Rick said Saturday in a statement. “I am confident we will ultimately prevail, that this farce of a prosecution will be revealed for what it is, and that those responsible will be held to account.”

Meet one of the responsible.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: The Texas Chainsaw Prosecution: “…the D.A.’s office is trying to criminalize the normal process of constitutional government.”

Those unaccompanied children…

…are actually fewer than some of the snooze media would have you believe. If you’re paying attention, that is. If, like me, you’re tired of hearing about the latest wave of illegals crossing the Southern border, and therefore only listening with half an ear, you might conclude we’re dealing with a strange wave of thousands of Central American orphans.

Orphans? No. The kids among them—and there are plenty of teens and young adults as well—are coming across to join Mom and Dad who are already here. Mom and Dad watch MSDNC and figure amnesty is just around the corner. So it’s time to bring the whole family together for the big event.Some of the kids have phone numbers written on their shirts and pants so no one fails to call their folks.

And the federal border patrol is cooperating. The kids who are busing or flying to various states are being sent “home,” in essence, where they can swell the public school population and whatever aspects of the local welfare state they’re able to take advantage of, raising taxes for the natives.

The kids part is actually very well coordinated. It’s the older ones that Gov. Rick Perry is upset about. But just how he imagines Texas alone will be able to control its whole Southern border, is beyond me.

UPDATE:  A thousand Texas National Guard won’t be near enough, Rick.

NJ Gov. Christie: End the Drug War

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he wants to end the war on drugs, while other GOP presidential hopefuls Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Texas Gov. Rick Perry want to stop federal enforcement of marijuana laws and let the states decide what to do about it.

Just reducing the penalties for possession in Texas would be a good start and Perry seems to favor that. Politicians know vote getters when they see them, so that’s a hopeful sign. The drug war, after all, is largely a war on marijuana and most of the people busted, jailed, convicted and imprisoned got there for marijuana use.

I doubt we’d ever see marijuana legalized for adult use in Texas, as it has been in Washington and Colorado, but then I didn’t expect it to happen there. Or anywhere, really.

Would Christie really end the failed drug war, which mainly hits minorities and the poor (and is increasing militarization of the police) if he was elected president? Hard to say. Pols lie so often. But just saying he wants to do it is a big deal. He obviously sees it as a viable issue, or he wouldn’t stick his neck out. The times they do seem to be changing.

UPDATE:  Of course it doesn’t help that Holder’s “justice” department is investigating Christie’s administration. Probably has more to do with CC’s presidential possibilities versus the Democrats than his opposition to the drug war. But, with Wormtongue, it’s smart to be paranoid.

MORE:  The former leader of the Choom Gang, meanwhile, indicates his “justice” department will continue to go easy on marijuana use in Washington and Colorado because “we don’t have . . . the resources to police whether somebody is smoking a joint on a corner.” Curious remark, actually. They sure do have the resources (i.e. local law enforcement) in states where it remains illegal, as they have proved many times.

Rick Perry on the stump for Romney

“Three and a half years, nearly 100 rounds of golf. Barack Obama has exploded the debt in this country. He has passed a stimulus program that grew government and not the economy. He socialized health care and he armed Mexican drug cartels…Admit it America, 2008 was our national ‘oops’ moment.”

Rick’s always been at his best when his humor is self-deprecating.

He stepped in it, so what?

Mrs. Charm came home from work last night announcing that Gov. P. had “destroyed himself” in the latest of the interminably-stupid Republican “debates.”

Well, that’s part of her job in the Democrat media, to draw such conclusions about politicians, particularly Republican ones.

I watched the video and thought how amusing. He froze. So what? How many times has that happened to me? Too many to remember them all. Besides, if I have to listen to another meandering Obamalot speech where he says nothing much in a preachy way, and then contradicts himself, usually the very next day… Well.

I’m still for Rick as the best of the bunch, certainly better than Robot Romney or even Cain, who I also like, never mind his bimbo eruptions.

But as economist Thomas Sowell says of Cain: the White House is not for on-the-job-training, as the current resident has demonstrated so well, ruining our economy, and lowering our position in the world.

As for Rick, well, the country could use some honest Texas Aggie humor for a change: Gig ’em!

PJ Media CEO Roger L. Simon suggests bagging the rest of these dog and pony shows. What a great idea. Of course he also wants Rick to quit in favor of Cain, Romney and Gingrich. But, hey, nobody’s perfect.

It’s wetter than normal in Texas

Yep. As you see here in this graphic posted by Weather Bell meteorologist Joe Bastardi, in response to Obamalot’s verbal whacking of Gov. Perry for daring to criticizing AGW while dry brush here burns up homes and lives.

I can forgive Obamalot this once. He certainly doesn’t know that drought is our normal condition, Bastardi’s nice graphic here notwithstanding. On the other hand it’s nice to see we’ve been getting so much rain. Heh.

Rick Perry, jet jockey

Rick may have wound up flying turboprop C-130s, but, like all Air Force student pilots, he first flew the T-38 Talon, a twin-engine, supersonic jet trainer. Looks pretty good, eh?

Just one more reason why the Dumbocrats, populated as they are by old draft-dodgers and modern military shirkers, are doing everything they can to smear Rick as too stupid, too religious, too whatever, to take over from Obamalot.

Even the Republican elite prefers Romney. Stupid, stupid.

Speaking of smears, the champagne socialists of the Guardian have dipped into the high-crime southeast Austin suburb of Dove Springs to reveal “the dark underbelly” of Perry’s alleged Texas economic miracle.

Largely illegal Hispanic (dark, get it?) Dove Springs’s poverty isn’t unusual in the USA (or anywhere else, for that matter), but an enduring problem neither socialists or capitalists have been able to solve, and raising taxes for more welfare (the Dumbocrat solution that bankrupted California) isn’t likely to.