More than one way to skin the Persian nuclear kitty

Nice to see there’s yet another computer virus/worm/trojan attacking Iran’s nuclear bomb-making computers. Duqu, which was acknowledged just a day after a blast at an Iranian missile site killed 17 and wounded many more, apparently is an offspring of Stuxnet, which earlier delayed things:

“Duqu appeared to be designed to gather data to make it easier to launch future cyber attacks, experts told Reuters. Stuxnet was aimed at crippling industrial control systems and may have destroyed some of the centrifuges Iran uses to enrich uranium.”

So, despite Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s assertion that Iran will get its nukes if Obamalot is re-elected, even that may not be enough for the Mad Mullahs to arm themselves (and their terrorist clients) with the world’s most fearsome weapon.

0 responses to “More than one way to skin the Persian nuclear kitty

  1. Not sure nuke is the most fearsome. My “preference” will be an Ebola-type bug…

  2. Most fearsome, perhaps, because the best known and most readily deployed. We’ve all heard about exotic Ebola-type weapons, but I don’t recall one ever being openly used, whereas you could not hide a nuclear explosion.