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More than one way to skin the Persian nuclear kitty

Nice to see there’s yet another computer virus/worm/trojan attacking Iran’s nuclear bomb-making computers. Duqu, which was acknowledged just a day after a blast at an Iranian missile site killed 17 and wounded many more, apparently is an offspring of Stuxnet, which earlier delayed things:

“Duqu appeared to be designed to gather data to make it easier to launch future cyber attacks, experts told Reuters. Stuxnet was aimed at crippling industrial control systems and may have destroyed some of the centrifuges Iran uses to enrich uranium.”

So, despite Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s assertion that Iran will get its nukes if Obamalot is re-elected, even that may not be enough for the Mad Mullahs to arm themselves (and their terrorist clients) with the world’s most fearsome weapon.

Sarah’s first endorsement

It’s not a Republican. She’s backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman for congress from New York. Rogue, indeed. But when the NY Republicans nominate a RINO liberal, and the national party poohbahs are studiously ignoring her and touting Romney, Huckabee and the other usual retreads, she had to do something stunning. Looks like a good start.

Via Instapundit.

Endorsing McCain

Cobb has a good one, the best I’ve seen. It’s a version of the old get 50 percent of what you want or 100 percent of nothing.

",,,the real news here is what a Romney failure means in light of what social conservatives aim to do in the GOP. I think it means that we break from a full press to the right on every issue to a reasonable press on the issues that matter most, National Security and the Economy."

He raises the specter of a Hilarity/Obama ticket. I hadn’t thought of that. Be one heck of a flip for Obama to make, though. But if he’s right, and I think he is, that national security is the leading, if not the only, issue, whatever the Dems and the MSM say, McCain and (probably) Giuliani with him can take all the marbles. If McC. can just control his temper and stop being a jerk.

Hero vs Hilarity

I like John McCain, who’s winning with 65 percent of the votes counted in today’s New Hampshire Repub primary. I just think he’s too liberal to get enough Repub and Indy votes to be elected president. Hilarity, who is edging out Obama, would be my choice for the Dems. She’d be a lot easier to beat than the demagogue from South Chicago. But, mainly, watching Iowa’s winners lose out this time (the Huckster is about 18 points behind Romney who is in second place), it looks like these races are far from decided, and that’s probably a good thing. Next up, South Carolina.