More rain this week?

So says WeatherBELL meteorologist Joe Bastardi (formerly of Accuweather):

Rain is coming for Round Rock  and surrounding environs in the southern plains  early [this] week and  it’s something that is at a premium in a La Nina winter.  The  area from the Trans Pecos  northeast through  northeast Texas and into Oklahoma and Arkansas  could have widespread  1-2 inch amounts…”

Of course this is similar to the forecasts last week, when we got a mere quarter inch altogether. We’ll have to hope Mr. Bastardi knows better.

Meanwhile his colleague, Dr. Dewpoint (Joe D’Aleo), sketches out the wholly natural and therefore repeating AMO and PMO causes of our ongoing drought:

“We have many Texans reading our blogs and the serious drought has affected their lives. Almost every year, other parts of the world have experienced serious drought.  It is of course most likely in areas that are semi-arid to begin with but sometimes extends into areas where rainfall is normally abundant.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, Nov. 23, we’ve had about an inch of rain with more expected Friday-Saturday. No drought-buster, but welcome.

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