Good luck to the IDF

I wish it wasn’t necessary to put the brave young men and women of the Israel Defense Forces in harm’s way in Gaza, but after the terrorists of Hamas and its ragtag hangers-on fired rockets acquired from Iran at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, it seems to be necessary.

According to Austin’s private, open-source intelligence company Stratfor,

“….during Cast Lead [in 2008], they operated at night and creat[ed] their own crossing points [into Gaza] as opposed to using previously established points.

“They also relied heavily upon combat engineers, armored construction equipment including unmanned D9 bulldozers, and dog teams to establish their own avenues of approach instead of using common routes through Gaza.

“Ground units also worked in heavy conjunction with air assets for reconnaissance and close air support, and had access to comprehensive artillery support. This allowed them to avoid improvised explosive devices, heavily mined primary access routes, ambushes and counterattacks militants had planned near the assumed IDF approaches.”

But they’re bound to face surprises this time which could see more of them killed and crippled, each one a major tragedy for their immediate family and everyone in such a small country.

“Already in this round of fighting, unconfirmed reports have emerged saying that militants are using [shoulder-fired ground-to-air anti-aircraft missiles]. If these rumors are true, it could force a more limited role for rotary-wing air support as well as anti-tank guided missiles and thus seriously hamper the firepower, cover and protection provided by armor.”

Read more: Considering an Israeli Ground Assault in Gaza | Stratfor.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, the IDF asks bloggers and news media not to say exactly where one of these unguided Hamas rockets lands, which might help them improve their targeting. Done.

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