King Putz vs King Caboose

Mocking black people is a sure way to get called a racist nowadays, especially the current head black person, old Barry himself. But I have always enjoyed tweaking authority and, in particular, defying convention. And I just balk at using the monikers from all the African name changing, particularly Barry’s, who only changed his when he was in college in California.

But the name Barry, which he was called throughout his Indonesian and Hawaiian upbringing and into his early college years, is just too respectful for such a jerk. So I started calling him King Putz, which is Yiddish for fool. But, then, here lately, I have seen him referred to as King Caboose, which follows from his tendency to “lead from behind.”

Much safer that way, you see, for a pol who always voted “present” to avoid taking a controversial position. And King Caboose, instead of, say, lying party-boy, just has a nice ring to it. Thus, henceforth on this here blog, my friends, King Caboose it will be.

0 responses to “King Putz vs King Caboose

  1. Don’t swear to one nickname. Better to leave the issue open and flexible.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Indeed. I’m coming around to liking The Boy Emperor