The more things change…

When I was young and, for whatever reason, wound up watching television news or reading the front page of a newspaper, I’d see some jowly old white Southern Democrat congressman explaining why racial segregation really wasn’t a problem because he and his cronies had things well in hand.

Nowadays that particular lie is most often told by some jowly old Southern black Democrat congressman like Elisha Cummings of Maryland who recently assured the Democrat’s chief CNN stenographer Candy Crowley that the IRS “problems” have been solved and we can all go back to sleep now.

Meanwhile handsome young Southern Hispanic Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio is lying out both sides of his mouth, in English on one side and in Spanish on the other, to justify how the pols just need to get on with this amnesty legislation so the multimillion illegal immigrants of the Hispanic persuasion can be legalized. And, no doubt, make them eligible for welfare and food stamps, as well. And, it should be needless to say, prompt their cousins to cross the border as well.

And our very first black President Wormtongue has always casually told one lie after another knowing very well that Crowley & colleagues in the snooze media are fellow Democrats who will take everything he says as the honest truth or at least not make any effort to look into whether it might not be.

In other words, very little has changed among our political class since the late 1950s. They still lie. You still can’t trust them. No matter which party they’re in. But, hey, aren’t they just as diverse as all get out? And doesn’t that make you feel good? No? You racist.

UPDATE:  Re Cummings’ unbelievable assurances on the IRS, nevermind email and phone snooping by the NSA, the IRS itself is watching your every move in the Web. 

“…taxpayers should know that whatever people do and say electronically can and will be used against them in IRS enforcement.”

Our new surveillance state has become pervasive. Goodbye land of liberty.

0 responses to “The more things change…

  1. A lying pol: who could have imagined 😉

    Well, you know what I think about the whole lot.

    As for IRS: only one way to deal with that bunch. And it should be done all over the world simultaneously, to prevent them from spreading again 😉

  2. Dick Stanley

    Abolition, that’s the ticket. About as likely as a blizzard in Texas in July.