Whatever happened to Officer Friendly?

Huffpo journalist Radley Balko, author of the new book The Warrior Cop, explains:

“Today, police departments—or some of their key enforcement operations—appear to be on a war footing. Many [including the Austin police] dress in commando black, instead of the traditional blue. They own military-grade weapons, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and Humvees. Their training is military. Their approach is military. They are in a war against crime and violence and terror that they argue never ends.”

And we citizens increasingly are afraid of them. With very good reason.

Read all about our new police state here.

UPDATE:  The Barney Fifes have taken over law enforcement and have a lot less respect than Sheriff Andy Taylor did.

0 responses to “Whatever happened to Officer Friendly?

  1. sennacherib

    And a whole lot of them were REMFs.

  2. Dick Stanley

    The police have always attracted veterans. I think the cops even recruit them.

  3. What I can’t figure out is why they think that black is making them less visible. It’s just the other way around during the day in most situations…

    No, I am not calling for a hunt 😉

  4. Dick Stanley

    I doubt they intend to be less visible. Intimidation is their game, like the Nazi SS and the Italian fascists who also wore black. Not to mention the Gestapo.