Axe versus Old Spice

Michael over at Cobb sums up (at Amazon) his shift away from Old Spice deodorant to something called Elixir Blue:

“My son uses Axe. He’s 18. I used to use Old Spice, [until] they changed their formula to go after the kids who use Axe. I don’t want to smell like some kid in a club. This [Elixir Blue] is the body wash for the mature sophisticated gentleman.”

I could say the same, except that Mr. Boy is 13 and I still use the “classic” version of Old Spice, partly out of habit (a habit established at 14 or so) and partly because, well, I just like the way it smells. But I will check out Elixir Blue. For my  money, Axe literally stinks. It smells like bad girly cologne.

2 responses to “Axe versus Old Spice

  1. “It smells like bad girly cologne.”

    Which is precisely why youngsters go for it, I guess.

  2. Dick Stanley

    I think they go for it because everyone else in their cohort goes for it. They are sheep. Tho’ truth to tell, that’s why I started using Old Spice.