The coming ice age

Folks at The Weather Channel keep shrieking about global warming making our temps higher than at any time in human history, blah, blah, blah, and their critics keep replying that the temp trend is down, the record is being manipulated and the Earth has been cooling since 2002. Meanwhile word is trickling out of a possible coming ice age.

This 1683 painting The Great Frost by Jan Grifier shows the Thames River in London frozen over with ice three-feet thick. Nobody’s saying that’s going to happen again, but who knows. Don’t look for it in your forecast. Meteorologists are awfully poor at predicting the weather beyond three days and the honest ones admit it.

6 responses to “The coming ice age

  1. But there’s a lot of money to be made by predicting weather 50 years from now.

  2. Stanley,
    That painting looks kinda good compared to what we have at the moment.

  3. The Gorebot certainly made a lot of money with his lies about the weather future.

    It is hot in Texas at the moment, but it is August. You’d have to be demented to expect anything else.

  4. “It is hot in Texas at the moment, but it is August. You’d have to be demented to expect anything else.”
    Quite right! I was born in Austin and when I was young I liked the heat, but I was exceptionally stupid.
    And to those who say it’s a “dry heat”, I say 104 is still 104.

  5. I used to like the heat, too, or at least I didn’t think much about it. Then I was introduced to air-conditioning and of a sudden I realized how oppressed I was. Mr. B.’s generation has never known a life without air conditioning. I hope no idiot pol trying to destroy the coal industry takes their electric power away.

  6. I am not betting on any side to win this fight. Cause I doubt I will see its resolution, not in certain measurable terms at least. Otherwise, here it is just the same old August with humidity as usual up there in the seventies etc.