Our coming winter: colder than usual

I was thinking back on Labor Day when I cut back the Antique Roses in the Back Forty whether I should go the whole hog one-third trim, or do what I did which was just give them a haircut and plan to give them another one in January, instead of waiting to Valentine’s as is customary with this breed.

Now I wish I had gone the one-third, because January could be icy (probably not snowy, that’s hardly ever true here) according to WeatherBell meteorologist Joe Bastardi. His conclusion is terse: “Another colder, snowier than normal winter is on the way, in my opinion. I would prepare using a blend of 02-03, 09-10 as two-thirds, with 04-05, 06-07 as one-third…”

If the latter half of the statement is confusing, it refers to analogue winters which is Bastardi’s favorite method of forecasting because it frequently works. The winter of 2010, for instance, was so cold here that the green elephant ears in the front beds turned black and fell on the ground. They grew back, of course, from the roots. Go here for his not very technical, reasonably easy to understand explanation with lots of pretty graphics.

4 responses to “Our coming winter: colder than usual

  1. Darn Al Bore. Everytime he shoots off his mouth about the climate, the opposite happens. He said Arctic ice would almost all be melted this year. Instead, there’s a record amount of it and winds off of it will be sweeping down here by January, if not before. http://tinyurl.com/lzdyx9q

  2. Yep. Seen it already. The meteorologists didn’t manage to scrap off enough ice this year. No budget…

  3. I read that a bunch of ’em who went up there to measure the ice got blizzarded out.