Scribbler’s fallback

Four days after Yahoo! trashed my old Texas Scribbler blog without any warning or explanation and still refuses to reestablish it, or free up my old database and files, I have founded this new one at WordPress dot com.

My experience with WordPress on two other blogs, and  has been good and so I hope that will be likewise with this one.

As far as I’m concerned Yahoo is a thief disguised as a corporation. They have no ethics and I would advise anyone considering allowing them to host a site to forget it. I’m not the only one who has suffered at their hands. But I would like very much to be the last.

4 responses to “Scribbler’s fallback

  1. OK. added to the roll. Hope the old one comes back so you, at least, will be able to transfer the stuff. I fully understand that it could be a pain…

  2. Thanks, but I’m not holding my breath. I expect it’s all long gone, thanks to the criminals at Yahoo!

  3. I set mine up with BlogSpot because I heard that it was among the most user friendly, and after another blogger of whom I am fond (Donald Sensing at went through his particular trials and tribulations like you are experiencing. All I know about the service is what I have tripped over and still have much to learn (e.g., how do you set up Day to Day as an added feature?) but it’s served me adequately to date. But then, how would I know otherwise? At least it hasn’t cratered.

    Continued good luck to you with your internet recovery.

  4. Thanks, I thought about Blogspot and might move there yet. You and Mr. Goon and two other blog friends also use it. Setting up Day-to-Day is easy in WordPress. I will get around to doing it again. I have no idea how to do it in Blogspot, sorry.