“Forgetting” segregation

I’m sure most of us get email forwardings at one time or another, especially from low-IT relatives and, sometimes, from old friends. They tend to be smarmy at best, ridiculous at worst, and deserve to be deleted as soon as possible.

But the recent forwarding of 1950s-early 60s nostalgia pieces for Baby Boomers are more than ridiculous. They also are dishonest. One I got recently was all hymns to early rock-n-roll songs and TV shows, with kitschy artwork of store fronts and ’57 Chevies in pastel colors—all minus one historical feature.

Nowhere in the windows of those Norman Rockwell stores was the then-ubiquitous sign: Whites Only.

5 responses to ““Forgetting” segregation

  1. As the great Yogi Berra once said “The good old days ain’t what they used to be!”.

  2. Nope. They’re looking rosier all the time.

  3. People like to forget thing they… like to forget.

  4. I don’t remember any “whites only” signs. I DO remember “colored only” signs. And when I was a kid in the ArkLaTex, if a local pol was not KKK, and a democrat, they didn’t get elected.

  5. I saw Whites Only and No Colored signs in Mississippi, Virginia, Southern Illinois and in Maryland as late as 1964. (We moved around a lot.) No Mexican signs were not uncommon in Texas. When we lived near Boston, Mass. in 57-59, we didn’t see the signs but their meaning was understood. There must have been blacks around there but I don’t remember any.

    Trying to decide where a Colored Only sign would be. On a segregated drinking fountain? I had a Mississippi uncle who was on the local White Citizens Council. If he was a Kluxer, which was considered very low-rent, he kept it to himself.