Freezing or starving in the dark

When their climate models predicting the end of snow and rising sea levels proved faulty, the global warmists changed their game to foreseeing a trend to “extreme” weather, even as extreme weather events declined. Where pols adopted their anti-carbon dioxide policies, people in Europe are freezing or starving.

Weather Bell Analytics meteorologist Joe D’Aleo: “In the UK 12 million people are said to be in fuel poverty, having to choose between heating and eating…In Germany 600,000 homes had their electricity turned off during the last brutal winter as electricity prices skyrocketed, and the country is rushing to build 10 coal fired plants to lower costs.”

Meanwhile, the Democrat’s EPA works up regulations to put our coal-fired electric plants out of business and replace them with low- and intermittent-power windmills incapable of meeting even current demand. And the Worm’s speechifying to stir up class envy fits nicely with the warmists’ real goal. They’re not out to save the planet.

D’Aleo: “UN climate official Ottmar Edenhofer in November 2010 admitted ‘one has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.’  Instead, climate-change policy is about how ‘we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth…’”

UPDATE:  The Weather Channel, a prominent purveyor of warmism’s “extreme weather” meme is dropped by carrier DirecTV. TWC bemoaned the future of public safety “at a time when the volatility and frequency of weather events seems to be increasing.” DirecTV replaced them with a cheaper alternative.

4 responses to “Freezing or starving in the dark

  1. Yes. Germans went too far with their green energy investment. Turned out they don’t have any more funds – not only to continue with that, but even to keep warm.

  2. Changed my mind about this comment. Too mean and vicious even for me.

  3. Are you thinking of those “let the Yankees freeze in the dark” stickers in the oil patch back in the 70s, J.D.?

  4. Well, if JD wouldn’t say it, I would. But I have another theory: besides his jaw-dropping theat to “fundamentally transform” America, Obama also decreed that his election meant that the rise of the oceans would recede and the planet would heal. And sure enough, global warming is disappearing! It’s a miracle! Praise Obama!