Democrat Economy: unsold cars go to rot


This an airfield’s runway near St. Petersburg, Russia, but other vast, impromptu carparks can be found in England, Spain and, probably, Arizona. Heck, probably Texas, but I know of none yet,

In the stagnant Democrat Economy (which we could blame on Wormtongue’s constant griping about the weathy who don’t pay his graft but he’s just the figurehead of his corrupt party) folks like us at the rancho are making our cars last a decade or more rather than going into debt to buy another one. And the result is….

Via Miriam’s Ideas.

UPDATE:  Well, now, was Miriam (and through her me) bamboozled on this tale? Could be. Could always be. But, as they say, consider the source. Zero Hedge has always seemed to be a pretty reliable business blog.

I never heard of the blog calling b.s. on it, Snopes isn’t always reliable, and the Mirror? Well… This one, OTOH, is a bit more persuasive. So I believe we should all sit this one out for a bit longer.

4 responses to “Democrat Economy: unsold cars go to rot

  1. Cars, now, though, are very different from cars of our yoot. They just did not last like they do now. If you had an old car, it was almost always a piece of junk. Now, a 10 year old car will still look pretty good, unless it was handled carelessly. My 2005 Nissan Frontier – 80,000+ miles, and still on its original spark plugs. Second set of tires, second windshield. No rusting roof or hood, A/C and heater still functioning well and never touched. Radiator and cooling system never had any work needed.

    All those things convinced me. When our 2005 La Crosse was ready to die, in 2012, I bought a 2011 Nissan Maxima…so far, (~30,000 miles) OK.

    I was always a GM guy. I’ve been burned by Fords and Dodges a few times. The last two GM products I bought, though, were very disappointing. Won’t happen again.

  2. Miriam has another link on that subject, i.e. that last year GM recalled more cars than it sold:

  3. Why don’t they just leave the keys in the ignition? Then we shall see what happens.

  4. You’d need a helicopter to retrieve some of those cars, packed as close together as they are, if you didn’t want any on the outside row..Besides, I don’t think the economics of just giving them away would work.