Vietnam’s alleged new love for Americans

J.D. contends that the latest wrinkle in the Vietnam-America relationship, as reported by the PowerLine blog isn’t really new at all.

“Most remarkable of all, my friend said that the Vietnamese people love Americans. They can’t stand the Chinese, but they love Americans…. the Vietnamese rioters reportedly spared factories that flew the American flag.”

Yes, well, as J.D. notes, some Vietnamese loved us during the war, too: “As long as we had something they wanted, mostly money.” The urbanites, mainly, as I recall. The peasants in the countryside, at least in my AO, were afraid of us and after close association we learned to be afraid of them, too.

4 responses to “Vietnam’s alleged new love for Americans

  1. I worried about the urban environments we occasionally passed through, i.e., Da Nang, because of the enormous crowds and their proximity. Easily throw a frag into one of our six-bys. I was never afraid of the peasants, out in the bush, tho. I/we watched them like a cat watches a bird, and I/we never let them get too close, but fear? Not happnin’. Excitement and blood lust in firefights, yeah.

  2. Not to denigrate the entire Marine Corps, you understand, but the 7th Regiment had a problem with running over peasants, whether from fear, blood lust or contempt, until the death payments total got so high the command clamped down on the drivers. Maybe they were afraid of grenades, but they sure drove fast when they could and let the pedestrians beware.

  3. Maybe the VN government is sidling up to us with their Chinese problems, figuring that the current administration would love to get friendly as a ‘dog whistle’ to its base.

  4. The dumbasses should get out of the roads.