Democrats spike more jobs

Ever in search of votes from the uninformed, the Dumbocrats from Wormtongue on down have been busy championing hikes in the minimum wage. They always eliminate jobs, as employers seek to balance out their business models to fit the new new government regulations.

Comes McDonald’s hamburger joints with their balancing act: more automation. Soon you’ll be touch-screening away to order your burger-n-fries rather than talking to a live person. Until the Dumbos start calling for more pay for software.

Meanwhile the Queen of Benghazi, insisting that her party’s minimum wage goals won’t kill jobs, accurately assessed the state of the economy when she famously added “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

Certainly not anymore, thanks to her and her political cronies.

Via WSJ and Instapundit.

UPDATE:  The Vietnamese, ironically perhaps, favor capitalism more than Americans do:  “Vietnam’s advantage is that its own parasites haven’t had a chance to start spinning much of a web yet. Ours, on the other hand, have been at it for decades.”

3 responses to “Democrats spike more jobs

  1. This is O/T, but very good. From the blog of Charles Crawford about the Canadian shooting and reaction”
    “Imagine what would happen if after such murders all service personnel were ordered to wear their uniforms in public as a mark of pride and respect for their fallen comrades. Yes, it would be ‘risky’. Some might even die in further Islamist murder outrages. As might civilians.

    But if soldiers are not ready to take that risk, they should not be soldiers. And civilians unwilling to champion their armed forces and to take on any risks from doing so do not deserve those soldiers’ protection.

    The first and last place to stand tall for one’s national values of freedom and civilisation is right out there in public, on one’s own streets.”

  2. I am still trying to grok what Ms Clinton wanted to say. Probably something in the vein of “you didn’t build that road” or whatever. Quite stupid, that was.

  3. Nobody has ever accused her of excessive intelligence.