Rule 5: Body paint


Body-painted waitresses in Lewisville, northwest of Dallas, upset a city council but provide us some relief from the mini-massacre in the Little Apple where Kansas State ran over Texas 23-0—the first Longhorns skunking since Oklahoma did it in 2004.  The game stunk, but the body-paint wins. And it sure beats ebola for Dallas-area news.

2 responses to “Rule 5: Body paint

  1. Oh yea. I don’t know what 23:0 means in your version of “football”, but if it is anywhere close to 7:0 in soccer, you all need some mighty strong distraction 😉

    I know only too well after the last disastrous Mondial…

  2. Fetching lovelies are always more fetching when your favorite sports team is stinking up the joint.