Nostalgic for napalm

I’m with JimCarr28, a commenter at Instapundit, who says Islamic State makes him nostalgic for napalm. Not to mention the Paris magazine attack and subsequent Jewish hostage-takings.

Because “people on fire tend to be too occupied to cause their neighbors much trouble.”

So much cheaper than multi-pound bombs, too, and oh, so much more effective on the target and its audience.

Indeed, why do we shelve our best weaponry, just when we really need it?

2 responses to “Nostalgic for napalm

  1. Sennacherib has seen many pictures where the application of nape would have had a most salutary and satisfying effect! It does produce a remarkable dance that even the dervishes would envy.

  2. Hm… a thought worth considering. And cheap to produce, too.