Tuning out Barry

“President Obama’s State of the Union drew just over 8 million viewers on the major cable news networks, suggesting Tuesday’s address may have been one of the least-watched in more than a decade.”

Well that’s refreshing. In a country of more than 300 million people, the vast majority had better things to do than listen to Barry tell lies.

Via Instapundit.

2 responses to “Tuning out Barry

  1. Oh well. Who knows the “Leader fatigue” better than we here? Actually, come to think of it, Bibi has the same number of years at the helm as BHO. Hm…

  2. Delighted to see the House GOP invite Bibi to speak to a joint session of Congress and double-delighted to see the Worm is so thin-skinned about it that one of his cadre was authorized to call it “spitting in his face.”

    For an alleged constitutional scholar he really doesn’t understand how the government works. He says Bibi will “pay a price” which only shows he doesn’t understand that a president is not a solo actor but one who shares power with Congress.