The Israeli car that runs on air…

…and water and aluminum. Or zinc. And no CO2. All you need, every few hundred miles, is a new dose of water. Pretty cool. Maybe we should ask J.D., our favorite chemist, what he thinks, eh?

Via United With Israel.

3 responses to “The Israeli car that runs on air…

  1. W hat I think is that I have insufficient data. Sounds like just a different type of battery pack, to me. While that’s a good thing, it still will never take the place of an internal combustion engine in efficiency and power generation.

    That’s what I think, anyhow. And to date, I’ve seen nothing that would make me change what remains of my mind.

  2. And with the continuing Saudi-driven collapse of oil prices, the IC engine is far away from becoming a dinosaur. Not a good time for alternative energy, unless you’re a pol peddling global warming and intent on ramming them down the taxpayers’ throats.

  3. There were so many new ideas in that domain that never came to an industrial quality implementation… it’s impossible to know which one will be the winner. If any.