The smear goes on

Once the Democrat news media gets hold of a narrative, they will not only never let it go, they will tend to err in favor of it. However stupid it makes them look. And, of course, seldom, if ever, apologize afterwards.

Et tu, George Zimmerman? Slayer in self-defense of thug-and-drug-boy Trayvon. The son our Barry Hussein would have had if he’d had a son? Which makes a whole lot more sense now that we know ol’ Bare the law-breaker so much better.

3 responses to “The smear goes on

  1. Yeah. I see WaPo didn’t change that much after all. Speaking about the press, check out the latest one on SJ. Fun…

  2. Yes, it would appear that either Bezos has no influence or else agrees with their Democrat bias. Yours is amusing. I wonder if that was the WSJ’s mistake or did they get that wording from the WH?

  3. As we all know, WH never does mistakes, so it will be the head of some WSJ editor on the plate – if at all.