Your life in the hands of one

Ever since the airlines eliminated the flight engineers on the flight deck, our lives have been in the hands of two people, the captain and the first officer. And when one of them leaves the flight deck to go to the toilet, there’s only one person up there in the pointy end.

Just one.

Whether the sensational NYTimes report is accurate or not (and heavens knows they’re not paragons of objective, accurate reporting about anything else) it’s plain the cost-cutting airlines have imperiled all of us who fly with them all the time.


UPDATE:  The NYT report has now been seconded by a French prosecutor.

MORE: The Germanwings First Officer’s ex-girlfriend says he planned it. He was a psycho on the locked flight deck who flew 150 people into a mountain. That’s another airline to stay away from.

5 responses to “Your life in the hands of one

  1. I heard that report on the radio today. Strange that – aren’t there any means to enter the locked cockpit? The entry pad was mentioned. Didn’t no one of the Airbus geniuses think about a situation where one pilot is outside while the other loses consciousness for some reason? Mighty strange.

  2. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, regarding the co-pilot. And I’m thinking of the possibility that the same thing happened to the Malay airliner that evaporated. And, I’m wondering how to pick which airline to select.

    I think I’ll just drive.

  3. Or go with the old saying: “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going.” IIRC, the planes that have crashed lately have been Airbuses.

  4. Thanks, just a reminder I need in two days from now 😉

  5. Oh, that’s right. Be sure to raise a stink if it looks like you’re getting only one on the flight deck at any time. If enough people do, maybe it’ll change. And enjoy the grandkids, gramps!