Miriam Carey’s Legal Fund

Miriam Carey is still dead and most of the snooze media still doesn’t care. Not to mention the pols, or the White House, or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. They’re not out organizing demos and making incendiary speeches over the young, photogenic black mother who was hit five times in the back from a hail of white cop bullets. And Barry is not calling her the daughter he didn’t have.

Since none of that is happening and only WND.com is even bothering to continue writing about the murder masquerading as police work, Miriam’s family is garnering legal fees to try and get her the justice denied her by the system.

And legal fees, as you might imagine, can be pretty stiff. Hence this new GoFundMe site for her which hasn’t raised a pittance yet of the $300,000 sought. Hard to do when the usual channels of publicity are denied. Give ’em some money. I have. Maybe this way we’ll find out the real story, someday, behind this incredible coverup.

Via Mouth of The Brazos.

UPDATE:  The WaPo did a lengthy rehash of what was known back in November, 2014—more than a year after Miriam’s murder. The piece caught a U.S. Attorney in a lie and asked all the right questions. Five months later, the police still refuse to provide the answers.

3 responses to “Miriam Carey’s Legal Fund

  1. What is really the reason all the folks you mention are quiet on the subject? What is not good enough in this case for, say, Sharpton?

  2. Other than covering their naked, murdering asses hanging out in the wind I have no idea. As for Sharpton, I imagine his crony the Worm told him to back off. Since the killers are all Secret Service and Capitol Police.