Teach Women Not To Rape*

To hear the lefty academics and the Worm’s administration tell it, there’s an epidemic of sexual assaults on women on college campuses. You can bet Godzillary will be echoing it as she runs for president (see update below).

The statistics don’t bear it out, but in politics the argument with the loudest voice (i.e. the most publicity) wins. And thanks to the Democrat news media, the left has long enjoyed the loudest voice.

Ahem. However. The blogger Instapundit, apparently without any of the resources of the academics and their political and media cronies, has single-handedly uncovered a growing epidemic of sexual assaults in high schools and middle schools. Scores of cases, in fact.

Not against women, but by women. Mostly on underage boys but sometimes on adolescent girls as well.

Via Instapundit. (* Recurring Instapundit headline.)

UPDATE: Godzillary already is beating the drum for those alleged sexual assaults on college campuses. It’s all part of her class and gender warfare. She’s ignoring the high school and middle school ones, of course. They don’t fit her narrative.

3 responses to “Teach Women Not To Rape*

  1. Being selective in use of facts: yep, another sign of a pol.

  2. When a society does what is right “in their own eyes”. Did I get it right? Really a sad group of stories, a sad commentary on our society.

  3. Instapundit’s is an amazing collection of mainly women-on-children crimes of the past few years. Only really possible to obtain via an Internet search since most of the reports are from local news media all over the country. Unless some big outfit like NYTimes collected and published them and, so far as I know, they haven’t. As Indy concludes, the trend seems to be the result of years of female privilege.