Government railroad’s latest crash no surprise

The only strange thing about Tuesday’s Amtrak crash is that it doesn’t happen more often. It happens often enough, as it is. But that’s what you get with government railroad. Not to mention the rest of us are paying for it.

“Given that the bulk of its rail traffic occurs in the well-heeled Northeast corridor, the company primarily serves as a means of transferring wealth from middle America to D.C., New York, and Boston. In its current form, Amtrak is less a for-profit passenger rail corporation and more a union jobs program (its ridiculous labor contracts are a major reason why the company is perpetually swimming in red ink).”

A union jobs program? Could that be why Tuesday’s 32-year-old engineer was recklessly driving 109 mph in a 50 mph zone? Possibly also texting. Police are after his phone records.

I’ve ridden Amtrak. It’s pathetic. Vending machine food. Smelly seats. Dirty windows. Flooded bathrooms. Just what you’d expect from “government work.”

UPDATE:  Some answers on the crash, though not why the engineer was so young and apparently neither experienced nor reliable enough to drive the speed limit.

4 responses to “Government railroad’s latest crash no surprise

  1. sennacherib

    With AMTRAK, whether you survive the crash or the “comforts”, it’s always an adventure.

  2. It’s not an adventure anyone but a hardened Northeastern commuter would care to repeat. They really should pay their own way, instead of our tax money keeping their fares low.

  3. Oh. So Amtrak is a government outfit. That explains a lot indeed.

  4. The pols have done their best to hide its government origin and continued control but it sure is a government operation. FEMA on rails.