NPR’s list of suspicious Jews

This accusation of dual citizenship (U.S. & Israel) of NPR’s “reporter” Diane Rehm against Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is an old, old libel against American Jews who support Israel “too much” for the likes of Ms. Rehm.

Notice that she didn’t phrase the remark as a question, but as a statement: “Senator, you have dual citizenship with Israel.” Which Sanders denied, of course, because there is no such thing, as even the dumbest anti-Semites seem to know.

I don’t know if her name is pronounced ream, but it should be. That’s the type of “journalist” National Progressive Radio employs. Your tax dollars at work.

(Just for the record, Diane, I saw on Facebook that you were hired by NPR after losing your hamburger-flipping job at Wendy’s.)

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: Not only is she part of the progressive left media, and the progressive left is increasingly anti-Semitic, Rehm also is an Arab. Well, that explains it. She’s another Helen Thomas, and just as ugly. BTW, Rehm has apologized, for whatever that’s worth. Not much these days, as every two-bit racist knows. She knew what she was doing, as even TPM notes. She should be fired. But she won’t be, of course.

2 responses to “NPR’s list of suspicious Jews

  1. Well, not as ugly as Ms Thomas (yet ), but probably as poisonous.

  2. No doubt as poisonous. But so is her employer.