Turkey’s swords & sandals epic


You don’t need a program to find the anti-Semites of the world. Just look for their preferred pomp and pugnacity, such as Turkish president Erdogan’s costumed palace guards. Bet his Pally bud Abbas just loved it. As for the E man’s recent loss in Parliament, he’ll just take a tip from his pal our Little Barry and issue executive orders.

3 responses to “Turkey’s swords & sandals epic

  1. It’s beginning to look as though our Secret Service should be in similar uniforms.

    I guess “costumes” would be better, because they are not all the same.

  2. I purely love that idea re Secret Service! As for Mr E. – the madder he gets the funnier. I predict a padded room for him in not so distant future.

  3. Given their recurrent bout with prostitutes, perhaps our very own SS should be costumed as pimps.