9mm vs 7.62

Two of those five slain Chattanooga military recruiters apparently were not defenseless. They were risking their careers carrying at least one unauthorized 9mm pistol and another kind not identified. They used them to defend themselves and others in returning the Jihadi’s AK-47 semi-auto rifle fire.

Of course they were at a disadvantage because they were ambushed. They didn’t know their lives were about to be on the line. And they were outgunned. The 9mm round has a slightly larger diameter than the  7.62 rifle bullet but the latter has more than twice the muzzle velocity and consequently more than four times as much hitting power. Explained here.

Nice to see post-attack gun sales rising and gun-owning citizens protecting recruiters while Barry Hussein’s Pentagon dithers (what else?) about legally arming them. It took him five days to authorize flying flags at half-staff. So far, all the recruiters who don’t carry illegally have got are those weenie “gun-free zone” decals on their front doors, which only impress the gun-grabbers.

UPDATE:  Barry Hussein’s “soldiers” ask the civilian guards to stop it. Good thing they can’t order them to stop it.

2 responses to “9mm vs 7.62

  1. Bizarre indeed. But then for us here going gun-less while in uniform and the whole recruiting business is slightly bizarre. Although here some VIPs have also started talking about something they call “professional” army. Hard to imagine.

  2. Indeed, I wish the American military carried weapons the way the IDF does, including rifles slung on their shoulders. It would be rather revolutionary and not necessarily of the best kind but it would eliminate a lot of the criminal violence we already see. Part of what’s stopping it is that federal law forbids using the military as a police force except when martial law is declared. Although declaring it under the present circumstances of recurrent jihadi attacks might be a good idea.