The Purloined Cameo

I’ve been gathering Mrs. C.’s jewelry in their various boxes to put in one to offer a chance to her best girlfriends, her mother and aunt, my sisters and nieces to take a piece or two to remember her by.

In the course of which I also gathered the pieces I want to save for Mr. B., including some he might someday want to present to his wife. But one of them, an ivory cameo hung like a pendant on a chain which I wanted to keep for myself, was missing.

Couldn’t figure out where it could have gone. Searched and searched. I know she wore it occasionally. So where was it? Finally gave up. Then not thinking about it at all, I finally saw it, draped over a framed photograph on the wall.

Like Poe’s “Purloined Letter” it had been “hidden” in plain sight all along.

2 responses to “The Purloined Cameo

  1. Yeah. I keep a few from parents. Lately I catch myself forgetting where I put them. Memory – as good and as long as the person who has it, sometimes even shorter than the person’s lifespan. Oh well.

  2. Best place to hide anything. Now, if I could remember where I hid my spare truck key…