Heavy rain

Another holiday, another flood. Looks like. Heavy rain started around 2 a.m. and has continued off and on. Our goofy gutters are overwhelmed, as usual. I expect to see the back forty’s waterfall materialize before long. Good thing the sandbags are still in place from Halloween. A strong El Nino will prompt that.

At least it will take Mr. B.’s mind off the Luby’s Thanksgiving disaster. Food wasn’t very good. Like a school lunchroom, Mr. B. said, and you can imagine how a high schooler feels about school lunchrooms. Its only virtue was that it was cheap and the pie was good. For Xmas, it will be Threadgill’s for sure.

8 responses to “Heavy rain

  1. And we are going through a dry spell here for the last ten days. Soon to be over, though, if the forecast is to be believed to.

  2. Yeah, I wont be going back to Luby’s for a while, if ever. Last time we went I thought it was not even close to being worth the price. Some of the sides were good, but the main courses (I had chicken fried steak and mashed potatos) were sorta awful.

    Wife said not – but I don’t agree with her assessment.

  3. And the Longhorns had another fabulous day on the field with Tech.

  4. We used to be regulars at Luby’s until about 7 or maybe more years ago, and they changed up their whole system, no more steam tables and the water lady was gone in favor of waitresses. Food quality went down, was cold.

    • The water lady is back. Didn’t see any waitresses. But the food was, at best, bland and almost tasteless. Except for the pie. I should have known better. The last time I ate there was before I met Mrs. Charm, more than 25 years ago. It was bound to have changed.