Bitter cold

The wind chill, that is, somewhere around 30 at dawn today with a light rain. Which is about 40 degrees below what it was around noon yesterday, when I was the prisoner of a car dealership while trying to get Mrs. C.’s Altima safety inspected before updating its registration.

Had earlier discovered the battery was dead (after months of sitting in the garage unused) and so had to wait for AAA to arrive and replace it. Then, after almost two hours at the dealership, I was informed that the safety inspection could not be completed.

Seems Nissan’s new-fangled (well, 2007 in this case) computer system can’t set itself and its multiple safety systems anew after a battery change until about 60 miles have rolled over the odometer. Ain’t automotive progress just wonderful?

At least we haven’t had any flooding yet. But it’s supposed to keep raining all day.

4 responses to “Bitter cold

  1. Not cold down here, yet. I had the same thing with my Nissan Frontier a couple of years ago. Had to replace the battery and get it inspected. But I was unaware of the computer system reset, and had to drive down to Palacios and back to get it done.

    It’s kind of a nice drive down 521 anyhow…

  2. So far I’m just taking it out on errands. Will drive it to Red’s indoor range tomorrow for our weekly target-shoot. Maybe when Mr. B. goes back to school on Monday I might try a longer trip to get those miles up in a hurry.

  3. Brr… that is cold indeed in my book.

  4. Sunday morning now and it’s 42 degrees and rainy. Been a gloomy, chilly-to-cold holiday weekend.