Our coming political earthquake

It took ’em almost eight long years of our Little Barry Hussein and his lying ways, but even the onetime Democrat believers have had enough of the sorry economy outside of Texas. And the Republicans? Hey, even the evangelicals of South Carolina voted for Trump over Our Ted.

“…most analysts were shocked that Trump won a majority of evangelical voters over Ted Cruz. They didn’t understand (some still don’t) that these are the same voters who supported Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012, and they’re tired of losing. These voters hear Trump shouting about strength and winning — and they run toward the light for the win, ignoring the consequences.

“…That means two wealthy New Yorkers [if you can call the Hildabeast a real New Yorker], neither particularly well liked in their parties, will conduct ruthless, calculated campaigns aimed at each other’s personal destruction in the hope that the electorate will find both so repulsive that they refuse to vote and only the candidates’ hardcore bases will show up.”

That sounds about right. Except that with Trump we might get a reinvigorated economy. Con man or not he knows how money is made. Stolen, too, but also made. The Hildabeast and Slick Willie, who never earned a dime in their lives, will be too busy stealing White House furnishings to give it a try.

Via Instapundit.

4 responses to “Our coming political earthquake

  1. sennacherib

    Election nite music:

  2. Thanks. Otherwise I successfully ignored the primaries. I see this morning that the aftermath is keeping Cruz’s hopes alive, at least for a while longer and I’m still getting emails from him and Rubio asking for contributions. I have successfully ignored those so far and plan to continue. They can take some other sucker’s money.

  3. Yeah. Kinda bleak…

  4. Don’t worry, be happy. Trump versus Clinton is what it will come down to. Should make the voter turnout in November fall well below 50 percent.