Cat toys

This will be a recurring feature now that we have been adopted by a cat. We’re not naive enough to believe that we adopted him.

This first featured item, the so-called “famous” Bergen Turbo Scratcher (well it has had 3,468 reviews at Amazon, 85 percent of them 4 stars or better), has been a big hit with Senor Gato, our orange male tabby also known as Pumpkin.

We’ve also been pleased—especially as it only cost a third of what we paid for a carpet-covered scratching post he’s completely ignored for a month now. Not that the little white ball part of the gizmo is getting any notice, mind you, but he’s torn the cardboard scratch pad to shreds. When he isn’t doing that, and eating the cardboard shards, he likes to recline on the pad and snooze.

In the course of shopping for a replacement pad, I even discovered you can use a butter knife to pry up the old one which reveals that the opposite side is fresh and ready to go. Five stars for the “famous” Bergen Turbo Scratcher!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the scratcher comes with a small baggie of catnip which SG seems to love. You sprinkle it on the cardboard. That might be the reason for the scratcher’s success in general and with with him.

5 responses to “Cat toys

  1. So you struck lucky. I have never discovered a toy that my various cats will be loyal to for more than a day or two.

  2. He also likes the various catnip-soaked fur mice we’ve bought. Bats them around, even chews them, until they roll under the sofa. So we get them out and he enjoys them again. Will review them next.

  3. sennacherib

    You forget of course about the original cat toys, whatever humans came with the house.

  4. sennacherib

    Cat rules:
    1) If it is small enough to kill, I will and maybe eat it.
    2) If it is too big to kill, it must feed me for me to stay.
    3) Mockingbirds are the devils assistants
    4) Curse the red dot