Hating Trump

Boy, the liberals and the RINOs really, really hate Trump. And. oh yeah, they don’t like his closest rival, our Ted, either. The liberals of course want the Hildabeast and her consort Slick Willie in the White House. The RINOs act like, if they can’t have Jeb to continue the Bush dynasty, they’d just as soon forgo an election and hand the Hildabeast the crown.

I think the real reason for Trump’s popularity is the growing number of Americans on both sides who hate D.C., PC, more federal regulations, more welfare, and higher taxes. And I don’t believe that they or Trump are any more fascist than our Little Barry Hussein is a Muslim. That’s good old American political hysteria in action. And that’s all it is.

4 responses to “Hating Trump

  1. I wouldn’t claim even a smidgen of understanding the US internal politics, but in my humble opinion all attempts to stick a political label on Trump are useless. He is not holding to any opinion for more than a day or two and says anything that will be liked by the current audience. On the other hand, this is exactly the danger, as I see it. A man without anything resembling a moral compass in his head and behaving like a drop of mercury on uneven surface is something of a suspect, I would say.

  2. I’d rather have Trump’s unpredicability than the Hildabeast’s certain sliminess. Not to mention Slick Willy as first lady. Which one would be better for Israel? I’d go with Trump. Slick Willie, you may recall, when he wasn’t hosting the intern on her knees, invited Arafat to the White House. Of course I’d rather have Cruz but I don’t think that’s in the cards.

  3. I do believe Trump’s big border wall is assured if he is elected. Do any of you think the Cartel(s) will allow Trump to become President with that promise becoming reality? No way. He is permanently out in some fashion between the Convention and Election.

  4. Maybe. I wouldn’t see the big money guys in the Valley allowing it, either, but they’d buy him off with campaign money, if they haven’t already. Not only do they need the seasonal labor for their crops, they have families on both sides of the border who have for decades visited whenever they felt like it and wouldn’t want any more impediments to that free association than they have now.