The Expanse

On a good tip from JD, I bought the first nine-episode season of a new SyFy channel series called The Expanse, an adaptation of a cool series of books by two Arizona guys who go by one author  name, James S.A. Corey.

Hard to understand the dialogue in the first 45-minute episode. Have to figure how to get the closed captions up on the screen, but I know the basic story and the hardware and graphics are cool. The books were a lot of fun. The sixth one, Babylon’s Ashes, is due out in August.

The tv product looks good so far. Is this the next big thing? The first cool scifi-in-space-series in a while? Space ships! Space Stations! People in space! Thanks, JD.

3 responses to “The Expanse

  1. I hope you like it – I hadda use CC to get the conversations, too, but I do that for everything, now, except news shows. I might have some hearing loss, you think? I believe the background noise makes it hard for me to understand TV anymore.

  2. I’m up to episode nine now. Long about three, it seemed, the dialogue got easier to understand. Not sure why. Using headphones connected to my Fire tablet. Some of the problem is the accents of the actors, particularly the UN lady and the Belter boss Anderson.

    The show is good and certainly worth the mere $20 I paid for the first season. The hardware and graphics are cool beans, as the teenager Mr. B. would say. Particularly like that the space ships are skeletal and boxy rather than aerodynamic. The actors are a strange lot. I’d rather see a prettier Naomi, a bigger Amos and a taller, less wimpy-looking, Holden. Oh, and Miller definitely should be older. But those are mind’s eye criticisms from reading the books which, of course, have no pics of the characters. JD will have the advantage of seeing the book characters, whose adventures he is now reading, as the tv actors.

    I’m already seeing withdrawal ahead, such that I will have to watch them all over several or more times, until the second season comes out next January. (Yipes!) And if there isn’t a second season I will be royally pissed!