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Deer hunting with a revolver

Mrs. Charm’s uncle, Dave Cox, retired Air Force, retired Virginia sheriff’s deputy, likes to hunt deer with a handgun.

“I’m sure there are some that think I’m nuts for using a revolver for deer hunting… Those deer that have ended up in the skillet could tell a different story. Ruger .357 magnum is an excellent caliber for deer, and if they’re within 60 yards, in woods so thick you can’t flip a booger any farther than 5 feet, a long barrel just gets in the way. Gotta save that long barrel ammo for those who think they’re gonna do some gun confiscation… 2nd Amendment lives!”

Takes a lot of skill to stalk prey close enough for a hand gun kill without spooking them away. Not to mention really great aim without benefit of a scope. One of these days…

Via Facebook.

Cooking classes


A steal from Ебать Лицо Книги on Facebook.

Anti-social media

Certainly looks accurate to me. I can’t stand these trendy time-wasters.

Via The Demotivators.

UPDATE:  Facebook, alone, could cost you money and reputation.

The Red State Oprah

Nice to see Sarah get a Fox political commentary deal, though she seemed to be doing fine with her Facebook news release comments.

Iran’s green revolution

If such it be. We can only hope. Instapundit’s flag is green. Popular Science mag has links to following it all in near-real time, mostly via Twitter (you’ll need a free registration) and Facebook (likewise) and others.