Memorial Day 2016


The battleship Texas with San Jacinto monument on the right. And my guys.

When you hear some unthinking person wish everyone a “Happy Memorial Day,” what’s really being said is “Happy Dead Soldier Day.” T’ain’t kosher, is it Mrs Pursel?

4 responses to “Memorial Day 2016

  1. Sennacherib

    I’m going to get in a little trouble for this. I read the this “Ole RV” and though I agree with most, I diverge here. If we have a failure of politicians, it is “our” failure. If we have a failure of government it is “our” failure for it is “our” government and it only got to where it is by “our” lack of vigilance, involvement, and exercise of “our” rights.
    It can be fairly said that years of propaganda, capturing of institutions, and ruthless ideological warfare has led us to a sorry place, but it is still “the people” who let this happen and can only be “the people” who can change it.
    I don’t look in askance at those who wish a happy “Memorial Day” or who focus on BBQ’s and what not, for I believe those who went to the other side would have liked that and felt their sacrifice not in vain for it. I remember.

  2. Could be they do feel that way. I’m like Andy, though, in getting a little hardass about the day when I think of my seven killed in Vietnam. Three were volunteers, but the other four were drafted and I think they would rather have been anywhere else but Vietnam and especially would not have wanted to leave their beloved behind.

    As for we the people don’t you feel powerless? Really? In what way have you contributed to the probable Trump/Clinton matchup, for instance? There was a time, years ago, when I did join organizations for this or that candidate, until I grew up and realized it really was all out of my hands. My chosen candidates turned out to be liars and thieves like all the rest. And, ultimately, I preferred to get on with living my own life.

  3. Who really thinks we have two distinctly different political parties any more? The Supreme Court opened the purse strings for real when they struck down the 1971 FECA aggregate limits in 2014 because it violated 1st Amendment rights. The Men Behind the Curtain – the banksters and powers that be contribute to both sides heavily and often. National Political Offices are for sale and it is not even thinly veiled any more. Tell me the individual voter can make a difference because I do not believe it for a minute. My generation, the Baby Boomers, blew it sure enough and i struggle with that realization. Will it come to pass that blood and bullets is the only way to fix it?

    BFF Cait sent me this link just now – and she tells me she was at DOVER AFB in 2012 and assisted in the Dignified Transfer of GySgt. Daniel J. Price.

  4. Thanks for the link. I shared it on my Facebook page. I think Trump, if he wins and if he sticks to his guns, may go a long way in changing what’s going on now. Unless he just turns into a skunk like most of the rest of them.