Texas wins opener 50-47

Great game, Texas! Tyrone and Shane make a great pair of quarterbacks. Notre Dame also played two and they were also good, just not good enough at the end.

The daily’s sports writer Cedric Golden said they’d win tonight and they did, if just barely. But they looked much better than last year, offense, defense and special teams. May indeed be headed for a winning season and a bowl game for a change. Hookem!

UPDATE:  Then the AP Top 25 poll of sports writers ranked them 11th, first ranking since 2013. Coaches poll has them at 20th which might be more realistic.

2 responses to “Texas wins opener 50-47

  1. They showed that they finally have “will”, something that once in while you’ll lose even if you have it, but you can’t win without it.

  2. They learned how to close, something they seldom did last season.