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Texas wins opener 50-47

Great game, Texas! Tyrone and Shane make a great pair of quarterbacks. Notre Dame also played two and they were also good, just not good enough at the end.

The daily’s sports writer Cedric Golden said they’d win tonight and they did, if just barely. But they looked much better than last year, offense, defense and special teams. May indeed be headed for a winning season and a bowl game for a change. Hookem!

UPDATE:  Then the AP Top 25 poll of sports writers ranked them 11th, first ranking since 2013. Coaches poll has them at 20th which might be more realistic.

The Massacre in Tuscaloosa

Some Longhorns fans (even, apparently, Johnny Manziel) are laughing about the Ags getting skunked 59-0 by Alabama on Saturday. I prefer to see them do well in the SEC, representing Texas the way they do. This ain’t doing well, Kevin, after previous losses to the Mississippis. Time to make some position changes.

On the other hand, it was heartening to see Texas QB Tyrone Swoopes throw two cold-bloodedly-accurate long balls to set up the game-winning field goal against Iowa State, 48-45, in the last seven seconds. A tune-up for next week against K-State, Iowa State was not, however. We could see a massacre in Manhattan, home of the new Sooner killers. At least the Horns won’t get skunked. I hope.

Oklahoma 63, Texas 21

Actually, but for two touchdowns in 4th quarter “garbage time” against OU’s backup defenders, the score would be 63-8, which is more indicative of the beat down Texas suffered early this afternoon.

Possibly the biggest tragedy of the game, however, was that QB David Ash seems to have broken his left wrist. That’s my supposition based on video of what looked like a near-compound fracture, though there was no blood but only serious darkened swelling almost the size of a goose egg. He doesn’t throw left but I can’t imagine the coaches would want him to play even with a hard cast on his wrist, especially considering how often his porous offensive line is letting him be sacked.

I still enjoy watching the games (even awful ones like this was) but I tend to forget to post about them because, here lately (with back-to-back losses against West Virginia and Oklahoma) the ‘Horns seem to have reverted to their pre-2005 national championship form, i.e. problematic at best. Will this be the year Coach Mack Brown finally is replaced? I doubt it, but wait and see.

UPDATE:  Sportswriter Mark Rosner reported late Sunday that initial X-rays of Ash’s wrist found no fractures and he has not been ruled out for Saturday’s game with Baylor. Rosner said the injury was due to Ash’s wrist colliding with a defender’s helmet, which presumably explains his goose-egg bruise.

Colt McCoy, making Longhorns look good

If there was a way to watch the Cleveland Browns-New England Patriots game, I couldn’t find it. Thank goodness for ESPN’s Gamecast and Twitter. Or I wouldn’t know how good Colt did in a 33-14 beatdown of the Patriots. He’s making the 2010 stinker Horns look good, if only for what they had vs what they’ve got.

Filling the Horns’ stadium not so easy now

I hear people in town are trying to sell their season Longhorns tickets for tomorrow’s Baylor game so they don’t have to watch another slaughter of the home team, this time by the traditional “Doormat of the Big 12.”

Also that tickets are being offered free to faculty to try to fill the stadium since the students no longer are interested. I know for sure that Mr. B.’s Cub Scout pack, for the first time, is being offered tickets at just $25 each. I got the email.

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Come home, Colt

No chance of that, of course, but we can wish. He won his second NFL start against (yipes) the defending champions New Orleans Saints. And he’s already the cautious talk of Cleveland fans and sportswriters:

“McCoy did exactly what was asked of him on Sunday by not turning the ball over and showing the same moxie that he showed a week earlier in Pittsburgh. What McCoy does is make you curious about what he can do next.”

Yep. We saw plenty of that and we sure do miss it. If Colt can just stay uninjured, he’ll go on making us all wish he was still eligible to be a Longhorn.

Texas 34, Rice 17

Wasn’t a great game. Texas could have played better. QB Garrett Gilbert, too. He had too many under-thrown passes. Hope they do much better against Tech after Wyoming next week.

These in-state games can be murder, though, even from a perennial also-ran like Rice. The undermutts just try harder when they’re playing Texas. Course Rice’s last touchdown came against the Texas second-string.

UPDATE:  The daily headlined it: Ho-Hum Horns. No kidding. Mack Brown betrayed his irritation in the ESPN story (link above) and he let more out for the daily (“I’ve got to continue to work on my patience”). So. Wyoming next. Should be another pushover. Then Texas Tech, which should not be easy at all.