Dems battling to overturn the election

Constitutional scholars like Eric Holder and Bill Maher want to throw out the “archaic” electoral college and make the popular vote winner the president.

There are now at least two Democrat-backed petition drives underway to try and influence the electoral “college” electors when they meet Dec. 19  to ignore the outcome of their state elections and put Clinton in the White House. Because (as they aren’t saying) she got more votes in New York and California than he did.

That’s what eliminating the electoral college would mean: the big mainly Democrat populations of New York and California would determine the “popular” vote and elect the president of their choice. A Democrat, of course.

And the rest of us could go hang. Ready for a second civil war?

UPDATE:  Hagzilla’s cronies have begun harassing electoral college voters with the support of our fraudulent news media.

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  1. Constitutional scholar Bill Maher? Hm…