Why Felonia Should Not Be Pardoned

Certainly not by a President Trump, even though lame-duck President Obama probably will do it, by issuing a blanket one in advance, if such a thing exists* (see update below).

The Wall Street Journal, sadly, is editorializing for Trump to let bygones be bygones and pardon her for her felony violations of security laws and the felony violation of tax laws by her Clinton Foundation “charity.” The “charity” that, ahem, bought Chelsea’s $70,000 wedding dress.

It would be terrible if Trump did that, because it would mean going back on his word. His promise to have her investigated. Jailed, if he had any say about it, but he doesn’t. That’s up to a judge and jury. Not that all politicians don’t go back on their words, but he’s not a politician. And businessmen who go back on their words seldom stay in business for as long or as successfully as he has.

Plus he was elected, in no small part, because we deplorables are tired of the ruling class and the two systems of justice they have imposed: “a lenient, collegiate style for the ruling elites and a harsh expensive style for the masses of Americans,” as WSJ commenter Kelly Mcgrew puts it.

So, please, Donald, as you have done so well for so long, ignore the damn news media and keep your word. Dance with who brung ya.

UPDATE: After I wrote this I read a few analyses of President Ford’s preemptive pardon of President Nixon after he resigned. Nixon had then not been charged with anything, as Felonia likewise has not been yet. So it seems Obama can preemptively pardon her before he leaves office.

5 responses to “Why Felonia Should Not Be Pardoned

  1. Trump absolutely should not. Let Obama do it and let’s see if he really cares about his “legacy”. For if he does pardon the legacy is bye bye. Trump should investigate the Foundation while saying nothing about Bill or Hillary, let them twist in the wind. With an investigation other people who have been connected to it and them will be running for the tall grass.

  2. Looks like I need to proof my comments!

  3. Our little Barry Hussein’s legacy, other than a failed attempt at nationalizing health insurance, mainly involves weaponizing the presidency with multiple executive orders, creating an imperial presidency, at least until the orders are overturned by the courts. Or perhaps by Trump himself. But the precedence will live on and if Trump adopts it himself to kill their favorite hobby horses the Democrats could be very sorry they had a hand in it.

  4. Aw, come on, people, be more magnanimous (see, I am using a long word). Let it all go.

    • Easy for you to say. You don’t live here. Several people have gone to jail for what she did. Only they claimed it was by accident. She admits she did it on purpose. You mind your elites. We’ll mind ours.