Felonia goes ballistic

Election evening in New York and the bells are tolling for Felonia and her minions as Trump’s victory becomes increasingly apparent.

Along about midnight when it’s become clear she has lost the election badly Hagzilla turns on her campaign manager and campaign chairman with fists raised. I can hear her screaming. Can’t you? Probably drunk as well.

She reportedly had to be restrained. Nasty woman, as someone said. Trump himself, I believe. He sure got that right.

Via Don Surber

UPDATE:  More witnesses speaking out suggests it was much more colorful. While it appears that Slick Willie quietly faded away. He knows her, after all. We dodged a bullet on that one.

MORE: Even funnier: “Well schadenfreude is always a good way to get your day going. The stories about Hillary measuring the drapes are all over Washington. They literally popped champagne on the campaign plane on Election Day.”

2 responses to “Felonia goes ballistic

  1. Damn, I wish somebody videoed that episode, and it leaked. Uh, the video leaked, I mean. There are several places a video like that could earn considerable money.

  2. What with all the phones-with-cameras people carry nowadays, it may have been and we’ll hear about it before long. (Crosses fingers)