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Bronco’s Dems are the real criminals

“President Obama’s team spied on Donald Trump’s campaign using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 as a cover for their Watergate-style activities. We know this now thanks to the New York Times — which has been used (quite willingly) by Team Obama to discredit President Trump.

“This explains the Donald Trump Jr. ‘expose’. The real criminal activity came from the Democratic Party.”

And folks outside the NY-DC media bubble are pissed about it,

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Lifting the Arctic drilling ban

“‘Trump to OK new offshore plan, reverse Arctic, Atlantic bans: sources,’ said a headline from S&P Global Platts, an industry trade publication….

“Oil for the people. Money from leases for the Treasury. And getting out of the Middle East for our military.”

That last may be iffy now, with the Syria strike, but it is to be devoutly wished.

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Felonia goes ballistic

Election evening in New York and the bells are tolling for Felonia and her minions as Trump’s victory becomes increasingly apparent.

Along about midnight when it’s become clear she has lost the election badly Hagzilla turns on her campaign manager and campaign chairman with fists raised. I can hear her screaming. Can’t you? Probably drunk as well.

She reportedly had to be restrained. Nasty woman, as someone said. Trump himself, I believe. He sure got that right.

Via Don Surber

UPDATE:  More witnesses speaking out suggests it was much more colorful. While it appears that Slick Willie quietly faded away. He knows her, after all. We dodged a bullet on that one.

MORE: Even funnier: “Well schadenfreude is always a good way to get your day going. The stories about Hillary measuring the drapes are all over Washington. They literally popped champagne on the campaign plane on Election Day.”

Glenn Beck: antique media’s latest nemesis

"It will be fun reading the New York Times tomorrow morning as it tries to explain another controversy that it failed to report."

                    —Don Surber on Glenn Beck, a sort of serial Matt Drudge, "the guy who ran the gift shop at CBS [and later] made Monica Lewinsky a household name."

Via Instapundit.

Gerbilism: must be all those fact checkers

Big Media prides itelf on being better edited than blogs which, generally (including this one), aren’t edited at all. So why is Newsweak saying “Republicans stood together against Social Security and Medicare, and when those programs proved popular, opposing them left a residue of distrust for the GOP.”

Oh, that’s just Eleanor Clift, the Helen Thomas of magazine gerbilism. These Democrat shills are history-challenged and always have been. Fortunately there’s the blogs to correct them, including the item that eighty percent of Republicans backed Social Security and Medicare was co-sponsored by a Republican and backed by a majority of them. Dan’s right, Eleanor should replace Helen. If only for the comic relief.

When the word police are off-duty

I think one reason newspapers are dying, as I’ve said before, is that the front page has become a one-sided public scold. Any public figure who says anything that’s not politically correct can count on getting bashed on the front page until they issue an abject apology.

But it only works one way: you have to offend a liberal. Thus a no-talent bozo like Letterman, late-night prattler on cBS, the smallest-audience television network, can call Sarah Palin a slut and imply the rape of her daughter and the front page remains silent. Letterman, after all, supports abortion. Palin does not. People have noticed and, having other cheaper, more diverse sources of information (such as the Internet) have stopped buying newspapers. 

Get a clue, mom

Of course the Dems are going to run ads attacking Mac. The Repubs sure are going to run them attacking Baby Barry. But do the Dems have to lie so blatantly? They’re still retailing that distortion of Mac’s hundred years comment regarding Iraq. Beyond that, however, this anti-military ad–courtesy of TFG–with the Uma Thurmann look-alike saying McCain can’t have her precious baby boy, is quite a hoot. Just wait until Alex grows up a little and sees the G.I. Joe action figures at the supermarket, then figures out that half the guys at his pre-school are playing with plastic soldiers or watching Power Ranger videos. Scream your head off, mom, and forbid all you want. That will just make him more inclined to enlist when he’s eighteen. As he should, if he’s got any gumption.

UPDATE:  NYTimes "fact checks" the ad, at least debunking the lie, but then inserting its own dubious ad calling Iraq "an overwhelmingly unpopular war." No surprise that the video is a product of MoveOn.org, the same folks who libeled Gen. Petraeus in a full-page NYT ad. But MoveOn’s partner in it, according to the NYT, is a shocker: the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees. Good grief.

MORE:  Don Surber suggests little Alex’s side of the conversation, via Doug Ross @ Journal:

"Hi John McCain."
"This is Alex."
"I realize you cannot pick your family."
"But sheesh."
"What a dingbat I have for a mother."
"She’s a loon."
"Single mom."
"Eats seaweed."
"Calls the dog her ‘animal companion.’"
"Doesn’t bathe because soap is made from oil and she wants to reduce her carbon footprint."
"You can see why she’s a single mom."
"Fortunately, Dad was a regular guy."
"An Alex P. Keaton type."
"Maybe that’s how I got my name."
"Look, about this Iraq thing."
"Can I sign up now?"
"I know I’m little and all and way underage."
"But you gotta save me. She’s a loon."