I’m Black Y’all

That, right there, is the sum total of Bronco Bama’s legacy. The same one he had when he was elected in ’08 and again in ’12. And the same one he has in leaving the building. A novelty act for president and little more.

“President Obama is about to shuffle off the stage…as his term finally comes to a close. He has been spending the last weeks of his presidency celebrating himself. This has included giving himself some awards and giving a farewell address that no one bothered to watch. He and his old lady have been popping up on every liberal TV chat show, and sitting with even minor reporters, for farewell interviews. All of which is supposed to be a victory lap, but it feels more like last call at a local dive.”

We could go through here the long list of scandals of his eight years, the ones he denies and his lapdog Democrat news media still is helping him deny, but why bother? Most of his trash will be taken out by the new Trump administration and Obamacare will be excised. He didn’t lend it anything but his name and that was the media’s doing. As the Z Man concludes: Good Riddance.

For now. I’m sure we’ll be hearing Barry Hussein’s prattle for a long time to come. But he’ll be a whole lot easier to ignore.

Via The Z Man

UPDATE:  The People’s Cube lists the O Man’s successes for people of all pigments.

2 responses to “I’m Black Y’all

  1. Yeah, his Presidency and its daily outrages are not worth dredging up constantly. But we need to keep all this crap in mind, lest “we” allow it to happen again. There’s still a shitload of retards out there who will always vote based on gender and/or skin color.

  2. They vote Democrat. They don’t care which ass-clown is leading the show. Fortunately they finally lost, at least for four years. It is hard to restrain myself about the little black bastard. Paraphrasing my grandmother, he makes me so mad I could spit.