The Puckerbrush Irregular

“At 4:14am this morning, the driveway alarm jangled me out of a deep sleep.  Vela Von and I snapped to and peeped out the window ’cause you just don’t rush out the door helter skelter at that hour if you are smart.”

In which AndyJ of MyOldRV surprises an intruder up to no good.

3 responses to “The Puckerbrush Irregular

  1. Andy,
    Watch yourself with those characters.

  2. Thanks for the concern but it is part and parcel to the job. I am thankful I am not closer to the Border. Strangers walking up from any direction at random times was unsettling. I am training up a German Shepherd to augment security. At 18 mos. she is starting to show aggressive tendencies toward unknown visitors. Oil company rules forbid any firearms on site.

    Thanks for the mention Dick.

  3. “Oil company rules forbid any firearms on site.” That’s a rule plainly better off in the “made to be broken” category.