“Terror” in Charlottesville

That’s CNN’s headline, placed strategically over any “reports” on C-ville. Mostly anti-Trump commentary from the usual Dem suspects.

The way the Mediacrats are hammering away at it I begin to think this was a setup all along. The cops withdrawn. The national guard withheld.

Antifas wading in with their ax handle clubs against the outnumbered Unite the Right rally and subsequently vanished from the “reporting.” The source of the terror, but for the lone driver who killed a bystander who, if she had any sense, wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

At least her mother has the good grace to thank the president for condemning bigotry.

“Three dead,” because it makes a better headline. More terror. When two of the three died in a helicopter crash that could have happened anywhere anytime.

And it’s, somehow, all Trump’s fault. Hogwash. Mediacrat stuff and nonsense. Designed to divide. It’s doing that alright.

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