When Duty Calls

“When the left loses it always gets violent, it always creates diversions, it always uses its hold on the media, and it always proceeds according to the dictates of their crazy cult.

“I don’t think we can turn them back at this point. Cultists have [too much] trouble breaking out of their vivid dream to think clearly. Absent a sudden onset of sanity I don’t see it happening.

“It is the duty of every sane person to both counter their narrative and to try to fight off the inevitable overreaction.”

Such as the loony tunes idea that 14 percent (blacks) of 300 million are going to start a race war.

Via PJMedia

2 responses to “When Duty Calls

  1. Fuck that. I want to over-react and I am gonna be seriously pissed off if I don’t get to. What is it about over-reactions, and backlashes, and the like that we should be scared of them? Over-reaction and backlash are where we need to be. We’ve tried it the other way for a hell of a long time and that obviously doesn’t work.

    Sorry, I gotta go. The cables just came in for my truck and I gotta hook them up to the frame. Gonna go yank some statues down.


  2. Yeah, let’s start with that commie and wife-cheater MLK.